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Imperfections on the atomic stage in topaz crystal structure can result in yellow, brown, and blue color. Brown is a common topaz color, as well as the gem is typically mistakenly called “smoky quartz.”

Origin of Name & Mythology: The identify most probably derives with the legendary island, Topazios (now generally known as Zebirget), Positioned just from the Coastline of Egypt, even though it is likewise doable that it originates within the term tapaz, the Sanskrit for “fireplace”.

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Transparent A gemstone getting the home of transmitting light with out serious diffusion / may have rutile or other inclusions, Allowing light-weight to go through, but not clear. SuperShineGems is a quick rising Name in Gemstone and Jewellery Marketplace.

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Tone Lots of feel that usually the ideal tonal selection is amongst 50% and 80%. This vary may well range concerning that is best depending on the hue of your topaz and the person preferences on the collector.

The bracelet, ring and pendant are established in rhodium plated metallic, they don't seem to be sterling or white gold. The bracelet is sort of eight.seventy five" long. From the nonsmoking home. My mother bought the stones though traveling in Thailand back within the eighties.

A lot of individuals know topaz as simply just an inexpensive blue gem. They’re surprised to learn that its blue color is hardly ever natural: It’s nearly always because of procedure.

Together with the final properties of topaz, Each and every colour has its possess more Attributes, make sure you click beneath:

For that reason, it is alleged that the most effective astrological great things about Blue Topaz stone are obtained by men and women going through Shani’s dhaiyya, kantakshini, saadhe sati or dasha (dasa).

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